Working Method in Intermediation towards a Permanent Career

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The Focus Is On you

The starting point in our working method is you. Your versatility requires a tailor-made approach according to a clear process and with a transparent structure. The outcome is an optimum fit with the organizational context within which you will be working and lasting satisfaction. We are dedicated to enabling you to be successful.

Below is an explanation of our approach

  • ANALYSIS: We receive your job application documentation, analyze your expectations using various tools and interview techniques;
  • NOMINATION: To clients. Our goal is to achieve this within six months after the anaysis;
  • FEEDBACK: We regularly inform you about the progress of the process and give you feedback regarding your presentation;
  • EVALUATION: Together with you we evaluate the feedback from the selection committee during the process;
  • OFFERING: We consult regarding the negotiation tactics to be used during the offer process;
  • SCREENING: We discretely contact your references. A pre-employment screening by an independent third party may be part of the procedure;
  • SUCCESS ANALYSIS: Together we will analyze after your probation period whether you are satisfied and whether everything has met your expectations.

TOTAL PROCESSING TIME: You can assume a processing time of the procedure of 1-3 months (on average, three rounds and possibly an assessment and employment screening).

Corbulo Offers You

  • An extensive personal interview (according to the STAR methodology) with one of our specialized consultants. This allows us to gain insight into how you work and it provides us information to increase the predictability of a successful placement.
  • A report concerning your working style and preferences using the PAPITM system (Personality and Preference Inventory). This is a practical and scientifically proven method that enables us to assess behavior and preferences in working styles and properly identify your wishes and expectations.
  • Personal advice about issues relating to presentation, remuneration, career lines, the job market.
  • Lifetime career consultation. Your investment in coming to talk to us will continue to pay off. We will keep in touch with you and continue to tmonitor your professional development. We would be pleased to be your partner again in the next step in your career.
  • Discretion It goes without saying that your details are confidential.
  • Using our cloud-applications, you can easily remain in touch with Corbulo if you so desire. Online, you will be kept informed of current vacancies and you will retain control of your own file.
  • Meetings at which you will debate with like-minded people and top-notch speakers about interesting, current topics.

What we Expect from You

  • Open communication about the progress of your job market activities;
  • Honest and genuine insight into your employment history, character, wishes and expectations;
  • Trust in our working method;
  • Investing time in the intake interview and getting to know the proposed organizations;
  • Network sharing – we are pleased to offer you our network and provide you with the opportunity to give us insight into your network through our social media and in our personal interview. A large network means increasing your independence and at the same time having a wealth of knowledge and information at your disposal. This may be useful to you throughout your career.