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This page (“notice”) lays down the website terms & conditions and provisions. Please read this notice carefully. By accessing, reading or using (“Use”) the website of Corbulo Executive Search BV and/or Corbulo Interim Management BV – hereinafter referred to as “Corbulo” – all users and visitors (“You”, “you”, “User” or “user”) confirm that they accept the terms & conditions and provisions listed in this notice. If you do not accept the terms & conditions and provisions listed in this notice, you may not use the website. Corbulo reserves the right to update this notice from time to time at its own discretion. You should therefore occasionally reread this notice.


The website and corresponding services are at your disposal, on condition that you may enter into legally binding agreements according to the laws applicable. The website is not available to minors. If you are a minor, please do not use the website.


Corbulo assigns to you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable user right to display and temporarily download a copy of the information shown on the website, exclusively for personal, non-commercial use by you or your organisation. All information shown or made available on the website, including, without limitation, graphic representations, documents, text, pictures, sound, video, audio, illustrations, software and HTML code (jointly referred to as the “information”), is the exclusive property of Corbulo or its content suppliers. The information is protected by national copyrights and all other intellectual property rules, regulations and legislation applicable. Except as expressly permitted in this notice, you may (i) not use, copy, change, show, remove, distribute, download, store, reproduce, forward, publish, sell, resell, modify or reverse engineer the information or use the information to create derived works, and (ii) not use the information on other websites or carriers, e.g. in a network environment, without Corbulo’s prior written consent.
All trademarks, service marks, domain names, logos and other identifying elements (the “brands”) shown on the site are the exclusive property of Corbulo and of their respective owners. You may not use the brands in any way without prior written consent from Corbulo or from their respective owners.


The site provides you with a forum that you can use to obtain career information. By presenting your information to the site or entering your information on the site (“information provided”), you agree that you are granting Corbulo a perpetual, non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free, global right of use and the right – without imposing the obligation on Corbulo – to use, copy, change, display, distribute, download, store, reproduce, forward, publish, sell, resell and modify the information provided by you in whole or in part and to use the information provided by you in whole or in part to make derived works anytime and anywhere in the world.
You confirm and accept that Corbulo is solely offering users a passive forum where they may obtain career information. Corbulo does not screen or supervise the information provided. Therefore, Corbulo does not express any opinion on the reliability, accuracy, completeness, validity and truthfulness of the information provided. Corbulo reserves the right to delete, remove or block the information provided, or to refuse to display the information provided, at its own discretion if Corbulo finds such information unacceptable. If Corbulo is informed of unacceptable information provided, then Corbulo may examine the information at its own discretion.
You confirm and accept that Corbulo may keep copies of the information provided by you and may disclose the information provided by you to third parties if Corbulo believes that this is necessary to: (i) protect the site’s integrity; (ii) protect Corbulo’s rights; (iii) comply with a court order; (iv) abide by legal action; (v) enforce Corbulo’s requirements according to this notice; and (vi) meet the requirements concerning the infringement of third-party rights.


In connection with the Use of this site, you agree NOT to perform the following acts:
(a) infringe local, provincial, regional, European or other applicable rules, regulations and bylaws including, without limitation, anti-discrimination legislation or legislation on equal employment opportunities;
(b) infringe intellectual property rights or privacy rights including, without limitation, patents, copyrights, trademarks or trade secrets of third parties;

(c) upload, disclose, forward or store information that:

is illegal, offensive, defamatory, fraudulent, deceptive, misleading, harmful, threatening, tormenting, obscene or objectionable; infringes your contractual or confidentiality obligations; disrupts or hinders the normal operation of the site, such as the addition or forwarding of viruses or the continuous and repeated publication of the same information or the publication of information of abnormal size; or is not permitted by Corbulo, including, without limitation, non-approved advertising, unsolicited advertisements, junk mail, spam mail, chain letters, pyramid schemes, franchises, distributorships, club subscriptions, selling arrangements or information that is otherwise unacceptable; 

(d) infringe the privacy or personal rights of others by abusing the information including, without limitation, bullying or stalking another person, forwarding unsolicited e-mails and collecting the personal data of others;
(e) infringe or attempt to infringe the site’s security measures;
(f) use a tool, process or mechanism to exercise control over, retrieve information from, look up information on or gain access to the site or the information without Corbulo’s prior written consent, for example by means of a spider or robot;
(g) gain access or attempt to gain access to an account or login code of third parties mentioned on the site;
(h) copy, change, reproduce, remove, distribute, download, store, forward, sell, resell, disclose or reverse engineer information or use information to make derived works, unless the information was provided by you and is owned by you;
(i) disclose or provide incorrect, false or incomplete information concerning, inter alia, your CV, biographical data, vacancy or company profile;
(j) pretend to be another person or entity;
(k) falsify the information of a letterhead in an electronic disclosure or e-mail;
(l) pretend to be different than you are or misrepresent your connection with third parties or your entity; or
(m) use the site in unauthorised ways or for criminal activities.


In addition to the general responsibilities listed in section 5, you also accept that you must comply with the following provisions.
Further, you agree that you:
(a) will only use the site for legal purposes when searching for career opportunities and career information;
(b) will provide and keep complete, correct, up-to-date and accurate data in connection with the information provided by you;
(c) will disclose information for which you hold all the rights necessary, including rights of use;
(d) will rely on your own judgement, caution and common sense when managing career opportunities and information that are offered by the site or that you obtain from the site; and
(e) will bear the risk of the trust you place in or the use you make of information supplied by third parties.


When using the site, you may decide to open an account on the site. If you open an account on the site, you will receive a login code for your account and an initial password. You are exclusively responsible for (a) keeping that login code and that password secret; (b) regularly updating and changing your password; and (c) notifying Corbulo immediately if someone is using your account without your consent or infringing the security measures.


You understand and accept that Corbulo:
(a) does not guarantee that you will obtain employment or an assignment via the site;
(b) is not responsible for offers, decisions and the actual employment proposed by third parties;
(c) does not guarantee that the information stated by third parties is correct, complete, valid or timely;
(d) is not responsible for information disclosed by third parties, including, without limitation, positions and assignments; and
(e) does not act as your employer or as an intermediary in any respect. You must rely on your own judgement, caution and common sense when assessing potential employers and information supplied by third parties.


Links on the site, such as hyperlinks or buttons, may give access to third-party websites (“linked sites”). It is possible that Corbulo does not verify or supervise the linked sites. Corbulo is not responsible for information, data or content disclosed on those linked sites. The linked sites’ inclusion on the site does not signify any relationship or association between Corbulo and the owners of the linked sites, nor does it mean that Corbulo approves of the linked sites. Corbulo solely includes the linked sites for your convenience. You are exclusively responsible for your access to the linked sites. You must rely on your own judgement, caution and common sense when using the linked sites.

Links to the Website are not permitted without Corbulo’s prior written consent. You are not entitled (either personally or by helping others) to add, change, replace, improve or partially or wholly take over the information or functions shown on the Website. You are not entitled (either personally or by helping others) to add links from your own websites to the Website or any parts thereof (either by means of hypertext linking, deep linking, framing, tagging or otherwise) without our prior written consent.


Corbulo will process all personal data supplied by you on or via this site in accordance with its > Privacy Statement and any specific provisions set out in the relevant part of this site.


What are cookies?

We use cookies on this website. A cookie is a simple text file sent along with the pages of this website and stored by your browser on the hard drive of your computer or mobile device. The information stored therein is sent back to our servers on subsequent visits. Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognise the visitor’s device. Cookies cannot spread any viruses and cannot inflict any harm on your computer.

When visiting Corbulo, you accept by default that Corbulo will place cookies on your device.

If you do not want Corbulo to place cookies on your device, you may refuse the use of cookies via your browser settings or options. It is possible that you will subsequently not be able to use some parts of correctly or at all.

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On our website, we use social media buttons allowing you to share the content of our website with third parties via social networks including LinkedIn. We rely on external scripts in order to allow this functionality. You should be aware that there is a possibility that these websites collect information on your internet use, even if you do not use the buttons placed on our page. Please be aware that we do not control the data sent through these buttons. Please refer to the privacy policy of the social network provider for more information on the purposes for which and the extent to which your data is collected, processed and used and how to prevent the use of this data.


You agree that you will indemnify and defend Corbulo, its parent companies, subsidiaries, branches, officers, directors, agents and employees against third-party demands or claims, including, without limitation, attorney fees and court costs resulting or ensuing from your use of the site, the information provided by you or your infringements of provisions and terms & conditions of this notice.


No rights or claims can be derived from the content of this website in any way. While the greatest possible care has been taken in compiling this internet site, there is a possibility that certain information may (in the course of time) be outdated or may not (or no longer) be correct. Corbulo will not be liable for any losses that might arise from the use of data from the site created by Corbulo. Corbulo hereby rejects any and all liability for losses resulting from the use of this data or the data to which the links on this site refer. The data on this site may be changed without notice.

Corbulo offers no guarantees regarding the nature and the content of the information of the site and will not be liable for the content of this information or for the consequences of using it. Corbulo expressly rejects any and all liability for any losses resulting from access to and use of the site. Additionally, no guarantees are given as to the error-free and uninterrupted functioning of the site. References or links to other sites or sources not owned by Corbulo are only included to provide the user of the site with information. Corbulo is not responsible for the availability of these sites or sources. Corbulo accepts no liability whatsoever regarding the content, advertisements, products or other matters on such sites or sources or their availability. Corbulo will not be liable for any form of damage or losses caused by or in connection with the use of or due to any credence given to the contents, goods or services as offered on such sites or sources.

© Copyright All rights reserved. Nothing from this website (information, pictures, images) may be copied or stored in a data file in any form or in any way, either by electronic, digital, mechanical, manual, photographic or any other means.


Corbulo has the right to discontinue services on the site and remove information from the site at its own discretion. Corbulo may terminate your access to all services provided by Corbulo on the site or to a part thereof at any time and for whatever reason, with or without motive or notification. If you wish to terminate your account, you may only discontinue your use of the site. Corbulo will not be liable for retaining or returning the information provided by you, your account, your login code and password. You must always retain a copy of the information provided by you.


You agree that no employer-employee, partnership, intermediary or joint venture relationship exists between you and Corbulo as a result of your use of the site.

This notice constitutes the entire agreement between you and Corbulo regulating your use of the site and constitutes an addition to any binding agreements between you and Corbulo.

This notice is governed by the provisions of Dutch law and is subject to the jurisdiction of the Dutch Courts.

You may not use or export any information, and may not make any copies or adaptations infringing applicable laws, rules and regulations, including, without limitation, Dutch law.

Any failure by either party to enforce one or more terms & conditions of this notice on time or at all will not be regarded as an exemption from those terms & conditions.

The invalidity or unenforceability of any of these terms & conditions or any part thereof, or of any right whatsoever ensuing from this notice, will not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision or other right whatsoever or the remaining part thereof, which will remain in full force and effect, except for the invalid or unenforceable provision or the invalid or unenforceable part thereof.
Chapters 4, 6, 10, 12, 13, 14 and 15 will remain valid even after this notice has been terminated for any reason whatsoever.
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