Our Core Values The Four P's

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4 P's: Personal, Pragmatic, Professional, Partnership

Corbulo makes you feel at home and understood, we try to put ourselves into your personal situation and adapt to it. Everybody is different and that requires a unique approach.

Corbulo wants to distinguish itself by using a goal oriented, practical, result oriented approach in the historically conventional old boys domain of executive search. Just do what we say.

Corbulo attaches great importance to an honest way of working with integrity. Reliability is a core value. Corbulo is honest, transparent and does what it says. We offer tailor-made solutions using the critical scrutiny you would expect from a sparring partner. Our communication methods are open, direct and clear. We strive for long-term relationships rather than quick wins.

Corbulo closely collaborates with you as an extension of your situation and/or organization for the purpose of finding the best solution for to your issue together and proving this time and time again. Our focus lies on getting to know you and your organization as well as we possibly can and employing a critical attitude, thereby increasing the quality of our service provision and enabling us to exceed your expectations.