Working Method Financial Interim Management

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A Financial Interim Manager in Three Steps

Results in Three Steps

Step 1You Have a Question
Our specialists discuss your request with you and analyze your needs and expectations.

Step 2The Selection
From our database of more than 5000 financial interim managers and our additional networks, we will select at least two available interim managers that are suitable for this unique issue. If necessary, it is possible to deploy one of these professionals within your organization within 24 hours. 

Step 3Personal Interview and Getting Started
The interim professional and one of our consultants will visit you at your office. We will evaluate with both parties then and there, after which you're your choice. If so desired the interim professional can start working for your organization immediately. After the project has been completed an extensive evaluation will be performed and the interim manager can train his successor – a guarantee for continuity.

A Solution for Your Situation within 24 Hours

Do you need an interim manager immediately in one of the following areas, for example?

  • Project employee or Project manager
  • Replacement of manager
  • Implementation management decisions and new regulations
  • Change management
  • Hiring a specialist for complex financial and administrative work
  • Independent advice and independent implementation

We deliver the solution for your situation within 24 hours. Therefore there will be an interim manager available to assist you within a day.

These Elements Form a Standard Part of Our Working Method:

Guarantee and Project Monitoring
We plan three evaluation moments with you in advance. This enable us to always interpret the situation correctly and where necessary, make changes. Our interim managers have access to a permanent panel of experienced managers and our network to gain knowledge and expertise. In the unfortunate event that the professional does not meet your expectations, we will – in consultation with you – immediately arrange a replacement. 

Free Consultation and Quick Monitoring
You feel where the pain is, but can’t put your finger on it or don’t have the prescription at hand to take the pain away and find a solution. Call us for a Quick Scan and Bottleneck Analysis concerning your specific issue. One of our dedicated interim managers will give you a free one-hour consultation. You won’t be committing to anything, but will know where you stand. 

Just because we have completed our intermediation doesn't mean we lose sight of our responsibility. Together with you and the candidate, we thoroughly evaluate the extent to which both parties are satisfied.