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We Continue Where Others Stop

Talent mapping: our primary search method is the systematic identification of potential employees for your organization by means of discrete direct search. Additionally, we develop activities on an ongoing basis in order to maintain our contacts in the financial community. That is the only way for us to select nothing but the best candidates; vigorous financial specialists that can make the difference in your organization, because only the best quality is important for you and for us. 

Predictability of suitability, reliability and fine-tuning of expectations are crucial elements of the selection process. As a standard part of the process,  we obtain two references from all our candidates. Together with our in-depth interview (STAR), our psychological test, your personal findings and references, we obtain 360 degree feedback. Based on that, we will be able to predict as accurately as possible to what extent a candidate will fit with your organization and the vacant position. In addition we can arrange a pre‑employment screening to guarantee reliability.

Our Recruitment Method Consists of the Following Elements:

Direct Search
Using this method, our research desk identifies the target group and we approach the candidates directly by phone. This method fits perfectly with a confidential and discrete working method. This enables us we can get financial executives and top talent who are not visibly present on the market to show an interest in your organization.

File Search
We perform an extensive file search in our database to identify suitable candidates who are registered with us. We approach them directly and assess them in an interview with regard to functional requirements and personality characteristics relevant to the position. Corbulo devotes agreat deal of time and care to keeping the database of registered candidates up to date, meaning we have immediate insight into the availability of candidates. 

Networking Techniques
Both through our existing candidates and through business partners we can trace candidates in the job market. Corbulo is part of several high quality networks that enable us to select the best candidates for you from the market. We depart from the principle that very good candidates themselves will also introduce very good candidates. 

Web Recruitment
Using web recruitment, we post your vacancy on our website ( Our website receives more than 1 million hits per year, enabling you to come into contact with al large number of individuals in your target group. We achieve this through a system of continuous web marketing. LinkedIn, Google AdWords and specialized sites form the basis for this. As an additional service we can post a copy of the vacancy on one of our leading partner sites at no extra charge.

Advertised Search
An advertising campaign in an online or offline medium fine-tuned to the specific group. On your behalf, we utilize our own consultancy firm, which specializes in job market communication. They are responsible for the design and posting of the ad and provide free advice, for example related to suitable media and the approach of the target group.

Processing Time

The total processing time for regular positions is 30 to-60 days. Tailer-made arrangements are made for specialist and/or executive positions to guarantee success.

If Speed is Important to You

For operational financial positions (up to 100K) that have to be filled in the short term, we organize three selection interviews with candidates in rapid succession. We are responsible for the organizing the entire selection process so that you will be able to make an offer with regard to employment conditions to your preferred candidate within 30 days. During this period, we request exclusivity from you. We will deploy our variety of search methods in this case, enabling us to guarantee speed and success through our knowledge of the finance community and exploring our mutual expectations. Your benefits:

  • Efficiency: you save precious time during the recruitment process;
  • You can make a fast comparison between candidates;
  • Opportunity to evaluate all interviews with Corbulo on the same day;
  • Corbulo is responsible for organizing the necessary facilities and scheduling;
  • You are able to considerably reduce the total processing time of the recruitment procedure.


Naturally, we don’t lose sight of our responsibility. After the probation period, we evaluate extensively with you and the candidate to determine whether everything is proceeding to mutual satisfaction.