Origin of our Name

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Origin of the Name

Fossa Corbulonis is the original name of the canal between the Rhine river and a tributary of the Meuse river; between Leiden and Voorburg. Presently, this canal is called the Vliet. On the site where West Voorburg is now located and where and where Corbulo’s office was founded in 2005, Roman general Corbulo built the Forum Hadriani in 47 AD.

The Corbulo canal was dug in 47 AD by the Roman general Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo in order to promote trade and ensure that ships did not need to sail the dangerous North Sea. 

The Corbulo canal was further improved under the Emperor Hadrian, who visited this region in 120 AD. The old Roman army town Municpium Cananefatium became became the trading town Forum Hadriani; in the course of time, Forum was popularly translated to Voorburg. Thus, Corbulo not only founded the city of Voorburg,  but his investments in infrastructure and his board on Germania Inferior also form de basis of what we now know as the Netherlands.

We are happy to associated with his dedication to his troops and his loyalty. Corbulo was a virtuous leader with integrity, a contemporary vision and creative solutions. He thought in terms of communities, order and structure and brought affluence to the societies that he was responsible for. Many ideals that we strive for as an organization. Corbulo already stood for pure dedication 2000 years ago.